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6 Non-Toxic Hair, Skin, and Nail Products to Try from the U.K.

Are you looking for non-toxic beauty brands that are better for you and the planet? I partnered with Eco & Earth to give you a personal review of five non-toxic products created by two trusted eco-conscious brands from the U.K.

What is the best way to identify non-toxic beauty products for hair, skin, and nails?

Many beauty products on store shelves are loaded with toxic chemicals that aren’t safe for your hair, skin, and nails. Why? The government does a very poor job at regulating companies that sell any type of cosmetic item. Not only are they bad for you, but they typically aren’t sourced sustainably either. That’s why it’s important to do your own research and know how to identify them.

Many companies will list ingredients under many different names on their products. The main issue here is that it could be anything because it either doesn’t disclose the full list or it appears under different names to make you think it’s better for you. Which means that you could be getting exposed to harmful health effects and you won’t even know it.

To learn more about the effects of particular ingredients and what you should limit or avoid, visit for more information. Just type the keyword or ingredient in the search tool and it will generate results that will help you identify how toxic a product is and whether or not you should avoid it.

Please remember to choose cosmetic items that have the least amount of toxins in them. We do understand that it can be hard and almost impossible to find products that are 100% toxin-free. However, it’s better to reduce the amount of negative impact left by a few ingredients than to not try at all.

  • Look for ingredients that are natural and organic.
  • Minimal or zero waste packaging.
  • Brands that support sustainability.

Listed below are some of my favorite products that I feel are fairly good to use compared to a lot of related items on the market these days. However, it’s always best to be aware of the effects of using any beauty product on a regular basis.

1. Funky Soap Lavender & Rosemary Shampoo Bar – $8

Copyright @ 2019 Funky Soap Shop – All Rights Reserved

If you’re looking for shampoo with minimal waste, this lavender and rosemary shampoo bar by the Funky Soap Shop is the way to go! I have very thick and curly hair so my hair can be extra sensitive to damage if I’m not careful. Lavender has done wonders for me in the past so I specifically went with this shampoo bar for that reason. It’s gentle enough for sensitive scalps and helps strengthen your hair from everyday damage. It’s natural, handmade, and vegan-friendly!

Just after two uses I felt that my hair was drastically smoother. The bonus here is that it can also double as a body wash bar!

It lathers up just like liquid shampoo, but without the heaviness.

2. Funky Soap Shop Conditioner Bar for Dry Hair – $12

Copyright @ 2019 Funky Soap Shop – All Rights Reserved

I had to choose the lavender and cocoa butter conditioner bar to go along my lavender-rosemary shampoo bar. I personally went with this conditioner bar because I’m more susceptible to frizz so I wanted a little extra curly hair support. However, I think it would still pair well with all hair types. The lavender and cocoa butter is paired with argan and avocado oil, which provides the right amount of hydration without leaving your hair oily.

Since I found that the lavender and rosemary shampoo bar felt like it provided a large amount of smoothness, I switch out how often I use the conditioner bar.

Tip: This bar feels a little more solid than the shampoo bar so you’ll have to run it under the water longer. Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t lather up like the shampoo bar! It’s normal.

3. Funky Soap Citrus & Aloe Vera Shaving Soap Bar – $8

Copyright @ 2019 Funky Soap Shop – All Rights Reserved

For a long time I was stuck on Trader Joe’s shaving cream. I liked that it lasted me longer, but I felt that I could do more for the environment and find a better alternative to avoid as much single-use plastic as I possibly can.

First off, I will say that this shaving bar will last you longer than any other shaving soap out there. The combination of aloe vera, citrus, and lemongrass is a bonus because it will help prevent razor burns while giving you a smooth and moisturizing shave!

4. Maggie Anne ‘Scarlet’ Nail Polish – $12.99

Copyright @ 2019 Maggie Anne – All Rights Reserved

The Maggie Anne Scarlet nail polish comes in a beautiful ivory color hue. It truly compliments any outfit and occasion. The great part about this nail polish is that it’s free from 6 toxins! Plus it produces a gel-effect to give you extra dreamy nails without the salon or a UV light kit. According to Maggie Anne, this nail polish is also safe for pregnant women and for anyone who has allergies or is undergoing cancer treatment.

I found that this nail polish performed better than a few major toxic brands I’ve used in the past. It even outlasted other non-toxic brands such as Zoya and Pacifica.

Note: I applied two coats along with one coat of the Maggie Anne clear top coat listed below.

5. Maggie Anne Clear Top Coat – $12.99

Copyright @ 2019 Maggie Anne – All Rights Reserved

Combined with the clear top coat by Maggie Anne, the nail polish should last you up to 1-2 weeks depending on how much wear and tear your hands go through on a daily basis.

What I love most about this brand is that it actually works. While it’s not 100% perfect, it’s still one of the less harmful nail brands out there.

When you’re done you can get ready to pamper your nails a little more with the Maggie Anne Strawberry & Grape nail polish remover below!

6. Maggie Anne Strawberry & Grape Nail Polish Remover – $11.99

Copyright @ 2019 Maggie Anne – All Rights Reserved

These are all great products to try if you’re looking to change to a healthier, non-toxic beauty routine that’s better for the environment.

You can find all these products in the U.S. now by visiting Eco & Earth. Each purchase that you make from Eco & Earth benefits conservation efforts. Part of the proceeds will be donated to:

  • The Organic Seed Alliance and Wild Oceans.

To learn more about the founders of Eco & Earth and how their mission started, click here. In the meantime, show them some love and check out their shop!

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