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6 Tips That Will Help You Declutter Your Home

Is having a cluttered home stressing you out? Are you desperate to have a home that feels cozy and has no negative impact on how you get through simple tasks in your everyday life?

Here are 6 ways to declutter your home:

1. Recognize the feelings you have about your home before you begin to declutter your home

How does your home look and feel to you? It’s important to look around and take note of the items or areas of your home that are neatly arranged with plenty of empty space around it. 

Spend a minute or two in each room to experience what you feel. Does it make you feel tranquil or relaxed or are you uncomfortable and anxious?

2. Decide if you want to change any specific areas in each room 

Examine your notes and decide if there are any specific areas in your home that appear over-loaded or messy. If so, grab a sticky note or some sort of marker and place it in the area that is in need of decluttering. 

3. Gain clarity before you begin to declutter your home

Now that you know how you feel in each room, focus on what would make you feel better. 

It’s better to have a plan and stick to it than to have too much on your plate and get easily overwhelmed. 

Why you should create a plan for decluttering your home:

  • An organized space will give you greater feelings of peace, comfort, and freedom within you.
  • To avoid creating a dumping ground for things that you don’t know what to do with.

4. Accept the idea of getting rid of the things that don’t have a purpose when you prepare to declutter your home

Before you declutter your home of old or unused items, ask yourself:    

  • How often do I use this item?
  • What will my home be like if I get rid of these items?
  • Does the item have sentimental value?
  • Is there someone that could use this item more than me?

By getting rid of the things that don’t serve a purpose, you’ll have more room for the things you enjoy. 

Box up the items and give it to someone who needs it or drop it off to a charitable organization. 

5. Think of all the positive benefits you will gain if you declutter your home

Decluttering your home and life will not only reduce your stress and anxiety, but you’ll experience deeper sleep due to decreased dust lingering in the room.

6. Start small and don’t worry about getting everything done in one day

Instead of getting overwhelmed by thoughts about how much you have to do, devote yourself to declutter your home over the long haul. Set aside a little time each day to get rid of clutter every day. Your mental health is well worth preserving. Unclutter your house little by little.

Now go on and think about the improvements you’re going to make when you start to declutter your home and life. Ask yourself what would bring you joy in your environment and make it happen. Manifest your desired results by imaging what you want to see and feel, and then produce them one room at a time. 

For more tips to help you create a natural and clutter-free space in your home, check out How to Get Started with Earth-Friendly Spring Cleaning.

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