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How to Instantly Improve Your Mood Naturally

We all go through days where we just can’t shake that bad mood. I’m talking about the kind of day you want to climb on top of the roof and just yell as loud as you can. Instead, we somehow manage to keep it together while we wait for the clock to hit midnight, in hopes that your misery is going to be over soon. 

Let’s cut the story short and get straight to telling you all about these quick and simple ways to boost your mood when you’re just not feeling it…

11 Ways To Improve Your Mood Naturally

Burn An Incense or A Candle

Go to your favorite metaphysical store and purchase a few incense sticks. While there is many to choose from, I always recommend lavender and white sage if you want to create a calm environment with positive energy. If you don’t like incense sticks, you can always use a candle instead.

Change Your Environment

Rearrange your furniture or declutter your space. Having too many things and not feeling comfortable in your own space can trap negative energy. Create a space that is welcoming with a light and cozy energy.

Diffuse Essential Oil Into The Air

Get an essential oil diffuser to have whenever you feel down or exhausted. Just fill it up with water and add a few drops of your favorite energizing scents. Some of my favorites include: bergamot, chamomile, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, and peppermint.

Eat Chocolate

Do I really need to explain why chocolate makes us all happy? It’s delicious! Plus it’s loaded with more than 300 chemicals that are good for our brain. 

Get Your Dose Of Sunshine

Now this is just common sense, but seriously…go have some fun in the sun! Spending more time outdoors on a sunny and beautiful day can get that serotonin to do magic on your mood levels!

Hug It Out

Hugging has been scientifically proven to release stress and boost the immune and nervous system.

Listen To Music

Turn on your favorite playlist that makes your heart sing. Songs that remind us of a time that you were happy naturally improves your mood.

Run It Out

Go for a run when you feel extremely stressed out. It might feel like you’re running away from your problems, but in the end you will feel like you’re ready to conquer the world. Running can help your mind focus and improve your sleep.

Stay Hydrated

Water is life! If you want to add a little twist, throw in some chia seeds, a slice of lemon (or cucumber), and a leaf or two of mint. Lemon energizes your body while supporting your immune system and providing it with electrolytes. Chia seeds are also great because it’s a superfood known for having amino acids that aid in helping the body produce serotonin for a calm and relaxed feeling.

Take A Trip To The Oceanside

Salty air, the sounds of waves, and the smooth sand beneath your feet…who doesn’t love the beach? All three of these factors benefit your wellbeing and soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Wash Your Hands In Cold Water or Take A Shower

As strange as it sounds, this is one of my personal favorites. When you are feeling hot and stressed out, cold water sends a shock to your body that decreases your stress hormones. Do this for a few minutes and you’ll feel your body feeling less tense and cooling down.


Stress can affect a person both physically and emotionally. I hope that you try a few of these tricks if you haven’t already. I’d love to hear from you and find out what methods have worked for you. Drop a comment below and let us know what you do to relax after a long day!

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  1. Wow great post. some very good information.

  2. I enjoyed reading your tips and the whole look of your website just added to that zen feeling. with a fluctuating hormones and mood that I have, I need tips like these. thank you. =)

  3. I love these tips! I am working on trying to exercise more for that reason! I hear it boosts your mood due to endorphins that are released. I’ll have to try the other tips!

  4. Music and sunshine are two of my go-tos whenever I’m feeling down or uneasy. They both never fail to make me feel completely brand new, and as though I can do anything I want to!

  5. I’ve never thought about washing hands as a way to improve mood but it totally makes sense. I know I regularly jump in the shower to destress. And does drinking wine count as staying hydrated? lol

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