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How We Celebrate Holiday Traditions in Our Home

We are in the middle of that infamous season called the holiday season. Every year, the holiday season starts off with Thanksgiving. Most people have the traditional turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, green bean casserole, and rolls. In my family, we are right there following the traditional route.

As soon as we’ve finished eating our Thanksgiving meal, we’ll start putting up our Christmas decorations. We usually start with the tree. Some people choose a fresh tree from a tree lot or a farm where they cut it down on their own, or they might be like my family, where we choose an artificial tree. That makes it easier and less complicated. We may not have the wonderful smell of a freshly cut tree, but there are ways to get that scent by adding essential oils or the little sticks you can buy at the store. These are both good ways to get the scent of a fresh tree in your home. We also believe that an artificial tree is a lot safer for our dogs. We used to have a dog, and it’s known that if a dog drinks fresh tree water, they could get sick. We have two cats this year, so our only question was “do we get a tree at all or not?” In the end, we decided to go for it and just make sure to keep an eye on them when we are home. They’ve been curious so far, but not too bad to be honest.

Once we get the tree up and decorated, we’ll start using the next few days to decorate the rest of the house, inside and out. We add lights outside around the windows and doors because we live in condos that are connected so we can’t put up too many of them. Next, we decorate the banister of the stairs with tinsel garland as well as around the front windows and an old window I have on the wall where we hang the stockings. A few years ago I made a beautiful beauty themed Christmas wreath that I still love to this day. It’s held up through every kind of weather we’ve had over the years. It’s truly become one of our favorite parts of our holiday traditions.

In addition to our decorations, we always send out our annual family Christmas cards that include photos we took earlier in the fall. We always keep one of the cards to display in our own home to show how much our son has grown throughout the year. While everything else is great, what we’re usually most excited about is our tradition of driving around to look at Christmas lights on people’s homes. We enjoy seeing how their homes are decorated, and our son loves to watch all the twinkling lights along with going to visit Santa to have his picture taken. One last holiday tradition we do is watch and wait for Santa to ride his sleigh and the fire trucks as the firefighters take Santa and Mrs. Claus around the neighborhoods of our city where we live.

This may not be what everybody does as a tradition during the holidays, but this is how we celebrate holiday traditions in our home. So that’s what we do every year to keep the Christmas spirit alive in our son and in ourselves.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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