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How to Simplify Your Morning Routine as a Mom

Whatever your schedule looks like, the mornings can get pretty hectic, and just one thing that’s going wrong can make your entire day go wrong. I’m not saying that you’re never going to have a crazy morning again because let’s be real, #momlife. However, I have a few suggestions that can simplify your morning routine as a mom.

Simplify your morning routine by preparing the night before

Prepare the night before so you don’t have to run around doing everything last minute tomorrow. I’m not kidding when I say TODAY. Prepare the outfits, especially the SHOES! You know how fast the day can fall apart if the kids can’t find their shoes. THE SHOES! Make sure you have them ready and waiting right at the front door the night before. I don’t know how, but there always seems to be a missing shoe. Start preparing their lunches right after dinner for the next day so that you don’t have to clean up the mess twice. That way it’s already out of the way. Hopefully, at this point, you have already figured out the next day’s outfits so you can place them wherever your children get ready in the morning. They can get dressed right after breakfast and you don’t run around like a crazy person in search of everything.

Simplify your morning routine by waking up before the kids

There’s something wonderful about getting up before everyone else in the house. It’s so quiet and peaceful and it will give you some time before the craziness of the day begins to collect your thoughts…and drink your tea, coffee, or whatever you need to do to prepare yourself. I mentioned the quiet part, right? Go ahead drink your coffee while it’s still warm, watch the rest of that one episode from your favorite show, get a snack, all in peaceful silence. By doing this, you’ll start noticing that your mornings are running a little smoother.

Simplify your morning routine by waking up when the alarm clock goes off

When you’re a busy mama, the snooze button is particularly tempting. However, the sooner you get up, the better. Pressing snooze too many times is bad for your health and can make you feel even more exhausted and sleepy. I know I’ve been there many times and I’m always reminding myself why it’s important to wake up when the alarm clock goes off. Get up and get the coffee while it’s still hot mama!

I hope these few ideas will help you learn how to simplify your morning routine as a mom. Do you have any of your own ideas or tricks to help make your mom routine a little less hectic in the morning? Leave them in the comments below.

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