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The Advantages Of Having An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The advantages of having an eco-friendly lifestyle are great for discovering the importance of preservation and the resources we rely on the most. At the same time, I believe that each person will always have curiosity within them that inspires them to experience the wild magic of the natural world and human connection.

My husband and I have spent a great amount of time transitioning into a more eco-friendly and non-toxic lifestyle in the last few years. It’s been one of the hardest and most rewarding changes we have gone through yet.

It hasn’t always been an easy transition, but it’s definitely been possible. The way we look at it is that how we choose to live now will have a positive impact on our children in the future. We get more family time with them and less time to worry about the stress caused by their environment.

Say No To Junk

Junk can literally be anything from food or just random items from big box stores that we thought would be cool or fun to have. Don’t get me wrong! We still have the occasional treat and we love our Ice Cream Tuesday and Pizza Sunday nights! We just tend to focus more on a healthier diet during the week. It helps us keep up with all of the responsibilities and adventures on our plate. We try not to splurge on silly things that we don’t need to avoid clutter and to save money for real experiences, and of course bills.

Tip: I highly encourage you to support local farmers and shop the bulk bins whenever you have the chance to. My favorite place is the farmer’s market. You’re not only supporting the people that grow the food that’s on your table, but you’re also getting access to fresh fruits and vegetables. If I’m craving a snack and I don’t want to splurge on junk food wrapped in unnecessary plastic, I go for the bulk bins and fruits. I’m creating less waste in the environment while my body gets healthier nutrients.

I’m definitely that person that shows up at the market with her reusable bags and jars! Guess what? I’m also saving money by bringing my own bags!

Who wouldn’t want to eat healthier, save money, and taste REAL food grown fresh and through sustainable practices over genetically modified and artificially flavored food?

Heal Through Nature

I’m someone who has gone through major anxiety and depression issues. I didn’t realize I was suffering from anxiety and depression immediately. I’ve never been the type of person to talk about it. It’s the reason why a lot of people find it surprising now that I do. I found my own way to deal with it by surrounding myself with the sight and sounds of nature. Once I was finally diagnosed, my health practitioner encouraged me to keep my treatment natural. I’m able to get my daily dose of vitamins and boost my mood naturally after a great day outdoors.

Find Gratitude Through The Wild

One of the greatest and most impactful changes we went through was forming a connection to wildlife through observation. There’s something magical about watching animals in their own element. It’s a reminder that we’re not that much different than they are. We both require air, food, water, and sleep to survive in this world. The only difference is that humans are much more selfish and have lost the meaning of simplicity.

I want you to spend some time looking at the world outside of your home. Surrounding yourself with wildlife can teach you that we don’t need a billion things to be happy. The only other necessity that we need besides being able to stay hydrated, eat, sleep and breathe is human connection and gratitude.

Continuing The Eco-Friendly Life

These are certainly not the only changes we’ve made, but they’re definitely on our list of the top three favorites! We have many things that we still need to improve. That’s why we’re always looking for better alternatives as we continue to make progress in our eco-friendly life.

Our eco-friendly life has had many other benefits as well. Keeping nature nearby has helped us reduce allergens in the air from pollution. I used to make fun of my mom because she always had the strangest plants when I was growing up. She was really protective over them and I couldn’t stand it, even the fake ones (Sorry Mom!). Now I feel like that’s become a part of me in a strange way and I absolutely love being surrounded by plants in all kinds of different forms.

We try our best to create a non-toxic environment and avoid waste. That’s mainly because we don’t want to use things that can have a negative impact on places such as the ocean. We love using sticks, leaves, and pinecones to promote creativity when we’re being artsy. It’s a great tool for homeschool lessons for our little preschooler. It’s always fun to experiment with different herbs and spices when we’re cooking and baking or using it as healing medicine.

I’ll stop here because there’s just too many to name for one article right now, but there’s truly many wonderful ways you can add nature to your day while becoming more environmentally responsible. I hope that our family has been able to inspire you to consider making your own changes in your lifestyle whenever possible.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to make progress and share our tips and insights with you as we go along in our journey.

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